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Library Learning

Kindergarten students have been enjoying a unit on folktales. We are reading many versions of familiar stories like Pecos Bill, John Henry, and The Story of Paul Bunyan. Kindergarten students are able to practice comparing and contrasting the characters, plot and illustrations, supporting growth for the CCLS RLK9. Ask your kindergartener to tell you about Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Pecos Bill.

First Grade

First grade students are reading Goldfinch Award books and have been practicing labeling parts of a book with sticky notes, a skill that will eventually allow students to properly cite information they use in third through eighth grade.

Second Grade

Second grade students have been learning about fables that teach you a lesson. We started with African fables and moved onto American fables. We read about Why Pigs Have a Snout, and The Ant and the Grasshopper. Second graders worked in pairs reading and identifying who the trickster was in the story and explaining the moral. I challenged students to apply their lessons they learned in the story to their everyday experiences.

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Third, Fourth & Fifth grade students were thrilled to start their library journals. Since the outset of journaling, students were able to use our automated book catalog system to search for one print and one online resource for their research project. Third, fourth, and fifth graders are learning about the process of research and how to cite sources using MLA format, a skill they will use frequently in high school and college.

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grade

Middle school students have been focusing on the importance of digital citizenship in their classroom and community. Middle schoolers, will be creating a digital citizenship pledge on a collaborative document in Google slides outlining their collective social norms for exploring in and interacting with the digital world.

Creating a Culture of Readers through Storytelling

Icahn Charter School Campus Library had a notable storyteller from New York City visit our library on December 8th and 15th. Ms. LuAnn Adams introduced second graders from ICS 3, 4 & 5 to animal folktales through storytelling. Ms. Adams has performed at schools, libraries, museums, and theaters. She will be returning to our library after the vacation break.

Student Library Assistants

Our Student Library Assistant program is in full swing and the library has never looked so good. This year we have added 10 volunteers to our senior program, and 2 junior volunteers from third grade. Please congratulate the following students when you see them in the hallway. They are the ones who keep the library so organized and tidy!

Chess and Book Club Afterschool Program

This year at the library, our third graders from ICS 3, 4 & 5 will have the opportunity to learn the game of chess. Every Monday, and Tuesday students learn chess with Mr. Gracias, a master coach from Chess NYC.

Book Club Afterschool

This year Ms. Rottler attended the Fall Library Conference at Citifield. The day was filled with professional discussions from school librarians across NYC and a guess speaker New York Times bestselling author, Sharon Draper. We will be starting book club with Ms. Draper's book titled Stella by Starlight. Book clubbers will enjoy the tale of Stella and her brother Jojo as they grow up in Bumblebee, North Carolina and learn to face adversity through the love and support of their community.

Thank you!

Thanks to the generous support from students, parents, and teachers during the book fair, the library was able to purchase 20 new books!

A special thank you to all the adult volunteers who helped set up, run and take down the book fair!


A place for everything and everything in its place