Air Force

Fly, fight, and win

Jobs within the branch

You can be enlisted

You can be a officer

You can commissioned officer

You can be a aerospace maintenance

You can be air transportation

Or you can do engineering

Requirements and Getting in

Getting in......

You have to be 17 to 39 years old

Also you have to be a US citizen or registered in the US


You have to have a GED or a high school degree

You have to take a aptitude test

A physical and mental screening

Technical training



The Air Force strives to provide to provide salaries that are competitive with those in the civilian sector


Heath care, education, travel, housing

Living choices

Live on the base housing or apartments


You don't have to pay to go to school

Fun facts

Every Air Force base has some sort of medical facility

Dental care is offered, free of charge

Medicine can be picked up at base

Wellness centers help the Air Force

They have a fitness center on base to stay strong

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