Friday Focus 4/8/2016

Focusing on the positive!

What is the Friday Focus?

Westside is AWESOME and amazing things are happening all the time! Janice and I want to bring light to what makes Westside the best side and to give KUDOS for a job well done. Of course, we can't mention everything but we hope to highlight as much as possible. If you have anything you want to add or have noticed, please email me and I will include it.

Quote of the Week:

"Love and nurture your students, everything else is just details."

Kevin Honeycutt

Influencing Change... making positive changes!

Piano stairs - -

Technology Corner:

Are you on Twitter? How about Facebook? I know we mentioned earlier this school year about flooding Facebook and Twitter with positive things going on at Westside. If you haven't started... why not now? Friday is FACEBOOK FRIDAY and Tuesday is TWITTER TUESDAY . Use #weswildcatpower to tag your posts. We need to come up with something a little more catchy! Suggestions are welcomed! If you are really feeling the positive vibes Mondays are #celebratemonday. #celebratemonday is a movement on Twitter to celebrate Mondays like we do Fridays. We can't wait to read all of your posts! If you post pictures, make sure you have parental approval first.

Whatever it Takes!

  • A teacher mentioned to me this week how much she treasures her team and how uplifting they are to her. She is very thankful to work in a school that prays together like we do before the FSA, major events, and for individuals around campus.
  • WES has awesome parents! The 3rd and 4th grade classes have been flooded with yummy foods and treats provided by parents to help our students be their best for the FSA.
  • We appreciate teachers checking with us on the "details". We know it is an extra step to have us approve letters and activities but it is vital to the success of our school. Thank you for always checking with us first.
  • We received an email from a parent that was very impressed with how the Washington DC trip was organized. There were also many, many, positive comments on Facebook from parents at our school and other schools as well. Way to go Rusty!
  • A parent in a 5th grade class stopped me the other day to tell me how wonderful this year has been and how sad they are to no longer have children at Westside. She said every teacher she had from K-5 was EXCELLENT!
  • 3rd Grade FSA is OVER!!! Teachers have commented on how focused the children have been and how hard they have worked. Thank you 3rd grade teachers and a huge thanks to Cherisse for orchestrating the masterpiece.
  • Mrs. Higgs said that everyone has been very, very flexible this week with testing and has exhibited a WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude!
  • WOWOWOWOWOW... we had 99 students participate in the AR walk today with a grand total of 11,381.4 points.
  • A student told me today that she LOVES the para that helps her with her math/reading tests. The student told me that the para makes her feel loved and special!