Computer Programming

By Habiba Noor

What is it?

A computer programmer uses many different languages in order to communicate with he computer. One gives the computer commands in languages such as C or Java so it can do things for them (such as browse the web, or download programs, etc.)

Skills Required


Like all other jobs, these traits are essential for a successful career. If you don't have these, life will be difficult, and so will keeping a job.

Working condiions

  • Very comfortable
  • Fast internet
  • Heated/Cooled
  • Indoors

Working conditions are very comfortable because it is an office job, and a machine needs a proper environment in order to function correctly.


Program is offered in universities and collages.

Education Requirements

Required = Certificate or associate's degree with considerable work experience; bachelor's degree most often required; master's degree for some jobs

Certification = Programming certification sometimes required


  • Average salary: $51,000

    •Lowest: $36,000

    •Highest: $76,000

    •Bonus range: $0.00 - $8,500

    (all in Canadian dollars)

Computer programming is an average - high paying job

Education needed

•High school diploma

•Average marks- 72-80% for university (Ryerson)

•Diploma and pre-requisites for collage

CNC (computer numerical control) programmer


•Language: English

•Education: College/ CEGEP

•Experience: 1 year to less then 2 years

•Salary: $26.75 to $27.25 hourly for 40 hours per week