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Important News for Multilingual Learners at Lake Bluff

9 April 2021

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Happy April!

Happy April, Lake Bluff family! Read on for information about:

  • Forward testing
  • Healthy snacks
  • Tornado practice
  • Ramadan

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Take care and be safe,

Jennifer Conigliaro

Multilingual Learner (ML) Teacher

Luz Svitak

Multilingual Learner (ML) Aide

Forward Exam Starts April 12 for Grades 3-6

The Wisconsin Forward Exam begins April 12 at Lake Bluff. Students take this test every year in grades 3-6. Students will take this exam in-person, whether they are attending school in-person or online. Students who have ACCESS scores of 1-3 will take the test with myself or Ms. Svitak.

Click on the links below for a letter from Principal Rasco and Sam Coleman, Director of Curriculum and Instruction:

In English

In French (langue française)

In Vietnamese (ngôn ngữ tiếng Việt)

In Simplified Chinese (中文)

Click here for the Lake Bluff Forward Exam Schedule.

Healthy Snacks

For K5 through grade 2 in-person students who bring snacks to school, please remember to send a healthy snack. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Fruits: grapes, apple, pear, dried fruit (raisins)
  2. Granola Bars: cereal bars, protein bars, etc.
  3. Vegetables: carrots, celery, cucumbers, green peppers
  4. Sandwich: half sandwich, small bagel, tortilla wrap
  5. Cheese: string cheese, cut-up cheese
  6. Dry cereal (no sugar added)
  7. Other snacks: popcorn, pretzels, Goldfish

Please do not send:

  • potato chips
  • cookies
  • sticky foods
  • candy
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Tornado Practice on Thursday, April 15

Spring time is a time when severe weather is possible in Wisconsin. Tornadoes are more likely to happen during these spring months. There will be a statewide tornado drill in Wisconsin on Thursday, April 15, at 1:45 PM. At this time, students at Lake Bluff will be learning where to go and how to stay safe during severe weather if it were to happen while they were at school.

On Thursday, April 15, at 1:45 PM, you might hear tornado sirens throughout Wisconsin as part of this practice.

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Ramadan Mubarak!

To all those students and families who will be observing the month of Ramadan starting Monday, April 12, Ramadan Mubarak! We at Lake Bluff are aware that families who are observing Ramadan will have special schedules in their homes this next month in respect to prayer, sleep, fasting, and gathering with family and friends. If your student needs some changes to their school day during this time, please let your classroom teacher or Ms. Conigliaro know. This might mean some changes in assignment deadlines or school attendance times (for in-person or remote learners), special space while classes eat snack/lunch, space for prayer, or anything else you would like teachers to be mindful of.

Also, please feel free to collect and share photos of family celebrations, dinners, or decorations of your observances of Ramadan and Eid with Ms. Conigliaro. We have a global community here at Lake Bluff, and students love sharing their traditions and learning about those of others.

For non-Muslim families who are interested in learning more about Ramadan, you can look at this article: Ramadan and Distance Learning: Insight from Two Muslim Parents, or you can check out this picture book: Night of the Moon, by Hena Khan.

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