The Writing Process

By Evan, Kali, Makaylee and Audrey


Mini process of brainstorming within the grand writing process
-Time limit to come up with ideas(the more ideas, the better!)

-Select top 5 ideas

-Write down criteria for selected topics

-Give ideas a grade

-Select final topic

-Form topic into a question

-Create plan to find solution to the question


-Arrange your ideas in a logical order

-Use an outline to help organize your ideas

-Don't worry about spelling or grammar, just keep writing

-Don't take a break from writing. Write as much as you can

-Get all your ideas onto paper, rework your sentences later


-Look for missing info.

-Logical sentence structure.

-Make sure your tone is portrayed well.

-Choose your words wisely, make sure they are appropriate for your audience.

-Simplify where possible.

-Make sure your essay is put into appropriate sections.


-Get some distance from the text

-Decide what medium lets you proofread most carefully

-Try changing the look of your document

-Find a quiet place to work

-Do your editing and proofreading in short blocks of time

-Prioritize sections if you are short on time

-Don't rely entirely on spellcheckers

-Proofread only one type of error at a time

-Grammar checkers are not always accurate

-Read slowly word for word

-Separate text into individual sentences

-Circle every punctuation mark

-Read the paper backwards


-Review the assignment to verify the parameters outlined in your assignment for publishing (Spacing, font, and formatting of the final copy)

-Ask yourself some final questions:

  • Does your assignment/story appeal to your audience?
  • Does it have correct punctuation?
  • Is it organized clearly and logically?
  • Does your report have correct information?
  • Is your story interesting with believable characters?

-Read the assignment aloud an additional time before handing it in

-Publishing options: printing presses, copy machines, online program sites and organizations, classrooms and other school areas, home refrigerators