All about Desalination

The technology of removing salt & other minerals from water.

Materials for this Technology

Desalination needs a lot of thermal and other energies for when they use the energy to remove the salt and other minerals. As well as for the other kind of desalination you need nanotubes which are tubes with a filter so small only water particles can get through.

Long Term effects of Desalination

Desalination makes green house gasses and waste products during the process that effect our atmosphere and are not good for our environment and humans.

Interesting facts about Desalination

-Desalination was invented in the 1950's

-Aruba has the largest desalination plant in the world

-In Australia they had a big water drought and no rain so they switched to Desalination and now there are multiply on the country

-Evaporation in our atmosphere is a natural Desalination

To find more info about Desalination

To find more info look on pg.291 in Science & technology perspectives textbook.

Or Desalination Wikipedia