Rusty Raccoon News

February 16-19

What Happened This Week

  • Introduced farm animals
  • Cow, pig, sheep, goat, horse, chicken
  • Painted cow and horse tracks
  • Used sponges to paint "mud" on pigs
  • Talked about why we have farms and what they produce for us
  • Graphed favorite farm animals
  • Introduced letter K


  • Moo, Moo Brown Cow, Have You Any Milk?
  • Charlie the Ranch Dog
  • The Gingerbread Cowboy
  • That Is Not a Good Idea
  • The Cow Who Clucked
  • Cows on a Farm
  • Are You a Horse


  • Friday February 26 Hoedown breakfast for Dads from 8:30-9am
  • We know some of you were not able to attend the Gala this past weekend so we would like to give you the opportunity to bid on a piece of art and a book that the Rusty Raccoon kids have created. The bid sheet and art is placed outside of the classroom. Current bid is at $75.