The Personality Type

The star in Mathew Williams

If my personality was a Fairy tale Character

It would be the Pied Piper for his musical talents to bring anything he want to him.

If my personality was a saying

it would be "If your friends decided to jump off a bridge, would you?" I guess I'll probably jump to save them, with a bungee cord.

Most famous quote that thing is my personality, my saying, me.

"It's not the same thing for any of us. For some people the only thing they have to struggle with is whether they sleep in and miss first hour or get their butts up and go to school. For other people it's harder stuff --- like whether or not to go into rehab and stay clean or to just give up and keep using. For you maybe its even harder --- like whether to fight for your humanity or to give in to the darkness and be a monster."

If my personality was a Video game it would be Kingdom Hearts

Was artistic and creative in making a bunch of the old child princess movies to combine them and create a whole new story line.

If my personality was a vehicle it be a truck

A truck for its art on being new and always changing to fit its environment.

If my personality was a zoo animal

The white tiger for its creativity to be different and ambitious to survive even with the change to a normal orange tiger.