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Kyia Smith

Smore #1

When I think of the word media I think of entertainment, social media, and the public eye situations. In today’s society celebrities fall into the category of media a lot when it come to their lives Tmz is everywhere. Although that’s what I think when I think of the word media means there is many more different ways the word is used with business professional with marketing and sock marks for advertisement. The media is today’s generation of commutation from the news and forecast to promotional messages on TV. Society today is influenced by the media it keeps everyone updated and aware. When I think of the word media and who it impacts the most is it teenagers. From the first day in the class I kind of got an idea of what I think media literacy means which I would have never thought to think. Media literacy is the development of today’s future. Technology communicates for us as words, sounds, and emotions. Media literacy requires a lot of critical thinking to make decisions. It elevates how we will be living in our future and this generation will be one of the first to experience. Media literacy is taking place of an understanding role in society to be more competent. I think media legacy an informational stage of what technology is changing in today’s world. Watching the videos about what the future holds makes me want to learn more about media literacy and one day I might actually be living. Media and media literacy in society is setting us up for a bigger future with technology.

S'more #2

Racism has become a worldwide issue cause conflict in our everyday life. People being called out their names or being physically and mentally attack for something they can not change. Racism takes a total on a lot of people's lives often causing people not to be able to get a certain job live in a certain area. Not because they can't afford it or anything like that but simply because the color of their skin and the culture that they behold. Today there have even been racist comments to our president Obama solely because he is an african american male. Do people think racism is still okay in today's society ? We live in a racist country and yes not everyone here in america is racist but we can't sit back and act think it not an issue it may not be the same in other country but here in america it is bigger than it ever has been.Ways we can bring awareness to this issue , joining organizations for human rights, talk to your community tell your friends and family to spread the top of the issue. no matter what race no one is better than you and as long as you have goals set something as simple as your skin color you should never let get in your way of achieving something you want.
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S'more #3

In the 2016 superbowl Hyundai commercial “First date”, Hyundai adversities the new highlights of the 2016 Hyundai Genesis soon to be the Genesis G80. Hyundai adversities the blue link car finder that allows you to track your car on a smartwatch. Using kevin hart as an example of a concerned father for his daughter's first date, he lets the date take his new Hyundai Genesis to keep track of where they are going advertising the blue link to the car. Hyundai main target for this commercial is to draw attention to parents of teenage kids, who might be concerned about where their child may be.

Smore # 4

Advertisement is the way business out successful today and it's how us the customers are able to buy or promote the products so that sales increase daily . Media being so much of what this world is revolved around today has not changed, but what has changed is the numerous different types of media that are in use today in addition to social media.With business being able to use and create different social media site attracts a lot of people especially if there are discounted prices when you retweet or repost something from the company. Media extends far out past technology into things such as journal entries and magazines.Advertising especially with celebrities and a lot of people look up to these celebrities and want to be just like them so they invest in the product. A Lot of companies begin with having social media webpages and having like live in event. Advertising today is a lot bigger for business because without some source of social media it's not making as much profit as the ones that have twiiter, facebook ..etc.
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S'more # 5

In the valentine’s advertisements the commercial kind of promote “ the perfect couple” and how their relationships are so wonderful until it leads up to Valentine’s day and it starts arguments. Advertising that flowers are a way to keep your spouse for complaining about gifts is hypcitial because there is no thought into the gift and everyone one what's to feel special but if you don't feel like going through the trouble then by her flowers. the commercial was to men because the commercial opens with men trying to figure out what appeases women on this day. the commercial is supposed to be made relatable and an eye opener in hopes of getting men to realize the importance of women’s individuality. in the dog commercial the dog tries to make his owners see that love is what got them to where they are now with the projector tablet.

Apple VS FBI

smore #6

I feel in this situation Apple is watching out for their open company based on this case. Apple knows if they get the phone unlocked for the FBI then they will be going against their contract and cause several of upset customers because now the government will have access to everything.Apple is fighting against the FBI and NSA for the understanding of hacking into an unlocked phone. I fall in between in this case because i feel as though it's not right for go against the contract to unlock the phone for advice if there is already evidence. Then i also feel that apple should unlock the phone because there should be something we are missing out and a person that hasn't be discovered that was apart of the crime and if the government finds all the most updated device then society is a lot safer and the government will be able to know who to go about the situation.

1984 Anticipation Guide

Smore #7

“People who are a serious threat to the government should be able to be held in prison without being charged”, i agree and disagree with this statement. I agree because if someone is showing signs or making remarks on things that could harm the government i feel like they should be held in prison for questioning and explaining why they did what they've done. I also disagree because it is unfair for someone to be held in prison based off of what was assumed about the person verse advice, because if they are a threat to the government there should be some type of edive that they are that could possible led up to a charge.

smore # 8

Bernie Sanders says he consistently beats Donald Trump by bigger margins than Hillary Clinton does”

Bernie Sanders said this on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 in a Democratic presidential debate in Flint, Mich. On the numbers, Sanders is right. He runs stronger against Trump than Clinton in six of the seven national head-to-head polls since Jan. 1. However, polling experts say such results should be taken with a grain of salt, since polls taken well before the start of the general-election contest have historically not been very accurate predictors of the November results.

“Marco Rubio Says Donald Trump hired illegal workers "from Poland and he had to pay a million dollars or so in a judgment."

smore # 9

In spring 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising was the single revolt by Jews. Hundreds of Jews fought the Germans and their auxiliaries in the streets of the ghetto. Thousands of Jews refused to obey German orders to report to an assembly point for deportation. In the end the Nazis burned the ghetto to the ground to force the Jews out. Although they knew defeat was certain, Jews in the ghetto fought desperately and valiantly. Under the most adverse conditions, Jewish prisoners succeeded in initiating resistance and uprisings in some Nazi camps. The surviving Jewish workers launched uprisings even in the extermination camps of Treblinka, Sobibor, and Auschwitz-Birkenau. About 1,000 Jewish prisoners participated in the revolt in Treblinka. On August 2, 1943, Jews seized what weapons they could find—picks, axes, and some firearms stolen from the camp armory—and set fire to the camp. About 200 managed to escape. The Germans recaptured and killed about half of them.

Techniques weren’t really much help to them, they still did their best. They stuck together and they resisted orders no matter what outcome they got.


I think Orwell is referring that our we are more invested in technology we have today. Iphones/ smartphone , are one of our biggest advancements with technology they do everything for us also computers, radios .Back in society that Winston lives in that is not possible because the people around him don't have minds of their own .Most things are directed towards big brother/ government and not towards inventions and advancement in the science and technology field. In 1984 everything was affected by a long series of war and revolutions that has caused much impoverishment. In “science and technology” Orwell believed that science and technology was on a fast track to continue developing, it was faster than some people in power could even think.

Smore # 12

Happiness is being happy in your state of life, i think happiness should be something we live by everyday. Freedom should be an automatic right to speak, express or do whatever you feel if you aren't putting anyone else freedom in harm. Winston is choosing happiness because his freedom is basically constricted. He chose to do things that made him feel a little better about life and writing down in the journal to express his feelings with words, he had a strong minded and not afraid because he wanted his freedom that he never was able to fully have. I agreed with winston to choose happiness because that gives a you a little bit to look forward to everyday.


Gaslighting is a form of manipulation by psychological means when someone says and does things with the intention of making victims doubt their feelings, insights, own sanity. People with higher power find it way easier to say or do things that people will follow behind and soon use their leadership power into manipulation. The candidates this election use gaslighting against each other to make make one another look better hillary and trump share that common trait. Halliday use that against her opponent breine. The signs of being a victim of gaslighting include You constantly second-guess yourself.You ask yourself, You often feel confused You’re always apologizing to your partner. You frequently make excuses for your partner’s behavior to friends and family.

Smore #14


We live in a world where our lives live breathe and eat technology.Something that was suppose to bring us closer is the every thing that has torn us apart. So many of us live for the friends, followers and likes on social media, but leaves many selfish depressed and all lone cause the friendships we built have been torn down with this anti social wall we build up. Simply ignoring those who sit in the same room. We rather post than to actually talk to those who have once cared about us. This is our regeneration snapchatting every actions place or thing we do, capturing it all through a screen but not seeing with our own eyes the beauty surrounding us. We replay actions over and over just to get it on snapchat, twitter, instagram until it's right then you see it's not as funny or fun when you did it when there was not social media around. Social media usage can be managed but it has to be a personal click in your head and realizing everything should not be share with everyone or keeping the precious and special moments between you and family. Maybe even setting a limit to how many hours you should spend on social media and day or a week. Myself personal i love to be on social media but i also know when to put my phone down and enjoy my vacation or family and that's something my mom had to teach me by sometimes taking my phone away for a couple hours. It takes time but we definitely can control how much we use social media if you know what is important to you in life. Ive learn that not every moment need to be captured on a phone because those can be deleted in seconds but it's the ones you capture in your mind will be the ones you remember forever.