Software Developers

Under Computer Section By: Lewis Le

Salary And Earnings

A computer software person makes an avenge of 97,990 yearly [according to may of 2014] But hourly a person usually makes 47.11 per hour which is above avenge because of the high demand for computer software. Not my work I got it off of Bureau of labor statlstics


So there is a lot of Responsibilities but most is simple.

-First is Analyze flow charts to help write computer codes.

-collaborate with other people on your levels work and make a software

- And the worst of all is you have to design each piece of an application


Overall if you are used to building and designing computers and programs then this is the job for you because you will be used to this type of stuff more that any other person. But that doesn't mean any people can do this stuff. But Also if you like to work together and alone this is also the job for you. But for some this is not there thing but if its really up to your preferment.
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Job Outlook

- Opportunities/ Promotion

- There is because of the high demand for software

- This over average because of the high Demand for software developing

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So overall a Software developer is a good and bad job for most its a ok job but for others its not there type and others its there perfect job. But its up to your preference