Letycia's Ceramic Portfolio

ceramics 1

these two pieces of artwork, are very unique, smooth in texture, extremely detailed, and truly two of the BEST art pieces I've ever seen. ;)
this is an all original piece of artwork that I created in ceramics one. It was my first time ever making something like this, and I was so amazed on how detailed I actualy made it. The stones were the hardest and longest part of this project, I had to cut them all out individualy and then shape them to the perfect oval edges. Then I had to go back once they were a little bit more stable, and indent them with my fingers, to get the realistic formation of an actual stone. This was truly a whole nes experience for me, and a very fun project...and is also how I made a new friend... ;)
In this piece, I went more towards the roman/Greek ideals. I made the base of this structrure using the coil method, and went outwards, then came back in for a SLIM finish ;)...Not to mention for the spout, I made a leaf, I have often observed in spring showers that when water is sprinkled on the leaf, it slides right off, and that is what i wanted for my piece. I then decided that if it didnt have a handle, that it would be difficult to pour things out, so adding a handle for EXTRA support, seemed like the way to go. I would have never gotten more inspirations to think outside my box, then my ceramics one teacher...MR. JENKINS!!! XD...