GCHS Library Media Center

Monthly Report-September, 2014

September Library Stats

Since the beginning of school...

783 books have been checked out

9th grade-83

10th grade-142

11th grade-187

12th grade-187


137 books have been cataloged

Library Visitation

A.M. Visits

Average around 25-30 students each morning

Daily Visits

Average around 20-25 individual/groups of students throughout the day

-Students take tests, work on research, finish projects, group work, etc.

Library Lab Visits

Since August 25...20 out of 23 days have been booked, with most teachers utilizing the entire day.


LMS Initiated Collaborative Requests

15+ collaboration requests have been made

5 declined, mainly to beginning of the year tasks

5 requested assistance ahead of time within the Library Lab

Most others I have jumped in and assisted in some fashion

3 collaborations

Teacher Initiated Collaborative Requests

1 teacher requested collaboration

Library Happenings

-Purchased and cataloged Kentucky Bluegrass Award (KBA) books

-Have visited 6 classrooms to do booktalks for the KBA books

-Have visited 3 classrooms to introduce Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL)

-Cataloged many other books from Junior Library Guild

Meetings Attended

8-15 Library Meeting
9-4-Hayread Meeting

9-9 Hayread Meeting

9-16 Library Meeting

Upcoming Events

-Collaboration with Ms. Hilterbran

-Collaboration with Dr. Dailey

-Collaboration with Ms. Barrett

-Assist Mr. Cann with presentation for a leadership conference

-At least 2 more classroom visits for KBA books