2016 Election Political Project

By Olga Hengen

14 reason to why you should vote for Donald Trump(republican)

  1. Doesn't trust donors. That means you don't owe him anything and he doesn't owe you.
  2. May not have a filter, but he means what he says. Speaks for the little people who don't have a voice.
  3. Is willing to meet with vladmire Putin to discuss war issues.
  4. Has had many good businesses that have succeeded.
  5. Pro-woman. Even though he jokes a lot about women, he has shown many signs of treating them equally.
  6. His family consists of a wife who is an immigrant and a child who is an entrepenuer.
  7. Treats his coworkers well.
  8. He's political are spot on, especially with immigrants.
  9. He can bring in independence for us. Fixing all the political and economical issues.
  10. He has really good negotiation skills to get us out of wars or get us supplies.
  11. Mexicans and African Americans love him.
  12. Americans idolize him.
  13. He brings energy to the race.
  14. Many want the immigrant policy. They are hurting out country and he just wNfs to make it a great nation once again.

Important issues

1) illegal Immigrants(wall)

2) being against pro-life(minimizing abortions)

3) making country great(standing up and helping with jobs and life in America.)

Olga Hengen