Mrs. Rosenberger's Fifth Grade

January 15, 2016

What's going on?

After we completed the reading test on Tuesday this week, we moved into a lesson that will focus on theme and personification. We read a folktale called "The Magical Lost Brocade" to introduce those concepts. Next week we will have several days of district required reading assessments, followed by some lessons found in our Storyworks magazines. I plan on including as much nonfiction as possible over the coming months, as most students seem to still be struggling with it. We'll read a story about Mt. St. Helens (which we already talked about in science) and look at the text structures found in the article.

In grammar, we are still working on creating compound sentences. They are doing very well with this in class! Some of the students have even recognized them in other assignment or books and pointed them out to me!

Book Blogs were assigned on Wednesday. We spent some time reviewing the expectations in class today before they started writing. If you are unsure that your child is completing this assignment correctly, check Google Classroom or click here to go to my website for the same documents.

We are wrapping up the science unit covering different changes that occur on the Earth's surface. This week we reviewed erosion and weathering for the last quiz. They will make a booklet to review the entire chapter next week with a test on Jan 22.

Chorus Concert

A permission slip came home on Thursday for you to sign that will give the school permission to transport your child to Millersburg High School on Wednesday, January 20. There was also a letter explaining why this change was made. If you do not see the permission slip, please let me know.


For better or worse, it seems winter has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. Please make sure your student has a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc... With having lockers this year, it would be a good idea to send some of these items to school for them to keep here. That way if a day turns out to be colder than expected, they can bundle up.

Student Pick-up

Beginning next week, the playground will be in use until 3:15 each day. No one will be permitted to park on the playground for student pick up until it has been cleared of students.


Next week day 5 and day 1 are being switched to accommodate for the chorus and band concert rehearsal. I have noted the changes in the specials section of the newsletter.

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Mrs. Rosenberger

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