MHHS End of the Year Bash!

May 30, 2019

Friends and Families of MHHS!

MHHS is proud to host the 2019 End of the Year Bash at 1431 E 17th Street, Heyburn, Idaho, on May 30, 2019. Families of students are welcome to come and celebrate the end of another great school year with our academic family.

This year is especially poignant as we say good bye to Mr. Kelly Arritt, Ms. Deb Robinson and Mr. Travis Kent, and welcome Mr. Joe Fairchild as the principal at MHHS.

Our festivities include the following:

  • A BBQ with hamburgers and fries provided by Cody Morgan and Crestview Calves; hotdogs provided by Falls Brand meats; water provided Swensens Foods; Cookies provided by Upper Crust; soft drinks provided by PEPSI of Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • A waterslide graciously provided by MHHS Student Council.
  • A Bouncy House graciously provided by MHHS Student Council.
  • An Obstacle Course graciously provided by the Idaho National Guard.
  • Door Prizes graciously donated by the FACE Committee and the Sources of Strength students,
  • Horse and Wagon Rides provided graciously by Scott Heins.
  • 9-Square game provided graciously Linda Jentzsch and Cari Eames.
  • Gift Cards donated by the following Mini-Cassia establishments: Boonies/Sprinkler Shop, Subway, Jimmie Johns, Panda Express and the building leadership teams.

Families are encouraged to bring their own chairs, towels and appetites!

Lunch begins at 11:00 AM!

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