SFR Distance Learning!

St. Frances of Rome Catholic School

March 19, 2020

Principal's Message

Good Morning SFR Family!

I hope you are taking care of yourselves! As you know, we have been working quite hard to prepare for this new reality. Your teachers have been working tirelessly to roll out their platforms. We hope you find them to be user friendly! Remember this is new for all of us, so reach out if you are having trouble! We are here to assist. Give yourself grace as well, you just became a teacher without even wanting to!

Thank you for all the support and prayers, we have to stick together as a community during times like these. We are a family after all, and soon this will all be a distant memory. Pray, and trust in God.

We will be having some fun opportunities to pray with us, interact online and communicate often. Keep up with the remind messages for all of that. Any and all decisions about length of closure and other news will come from the Diocese and I will share with you as soon as I receive it! Remind your students to complete their work as to not have it pile up. Grades are issued and all assignments are based on learning objectives and standards. Completed work is required to matriculate to the next grade.

Big virtual hugs to you all!

Please pray for our country!

"This too shall pass" Deuteronomy 28:15

In His name,

Mrs. Mendez

Archdiocese Communication

Below find the official letter from the Archdiocese and the video link

Teacher Webpages

Current Weekly Schedule- Subject to change

Wednesday March 18- March 31: No school, online/distance learning

1.Students will be responsible for completion of work

2. Grades will be given

3. Teachers will be available for questions/support and remote learning opportunities

Any school events in April and beyond are tentative. Please read all messages sent home to get the latest information!


What can we do if we do not have childcare?

We are waiting to hear if we can provide temporary childcare. Please lean on each other. Some parents have already reached out saying they are willing to help other parents with no childcare. If you need childcare please email me :

If you can provide childcare please email me! I will connect families!

What if we do not have a computer or ipad?

We have them for you! If you do not have access to a device, we are loaning school devices out. Tuesday please come and check one out. You will be issued a device with internet. A form will need to be signed.

Will there be help available with assignment and lessons?

Yes! We will have various ways in which you can communicate with teachers. Here are some:

  1. Phone calls

  2. Video Conferencing

  3. Emails

  4. Video lessons

Will we have to print materials for our kids?

NO! We will provide everything necessary for learning at home.

A work packet pickup schedule will be sent out. For now, Tuesday 3/17 7:30-3:30pm will be the first pick up day.

I do not agree that our students cannot be in school, don’t we have different rules because we are a private school?

I know this is hard for all of us. I don’t know that I agree with all that is going on either, but we have NO CHOICE. This is NOT a St. Frances of Rome decision. This is an Archdiocese decision, all 250 schools.

Is tuition going to change?

No. Please be fair, and continue to pay tuition. This is temporary. Teachers will still be working, probably harder than before. We have a lot of work to do and will work very hard over the next weeks to ensure that students have quality, age-appropriate work. Students will need to complete assignments or they will see that reflected in their grades.

Will the children have too much work to complete?

Your child’s teacher will be available for questions, comments and concerns and we WILL adjust as necessary. A daily schedule will be provided to assist with pacing.

Will teachers be updating grades consistently in order for students to track their progress timely?

Yes! Absolutely. We are still working and will be very accessible.

Would there be any additional makeup days necessary at the end of the year?

As of now, no. However, if this extends longer, we may extend the school year. The Archdiocese will update us and I will make sure to share that information out as I get it.

What if my child’s caregiver cannot help with school work?

The survey will provide our team with an accurate picture of what barriers you all might be facing at this time. We plan to analyze and adjust accordingly. We will be cognisant of this concern, and will provide work that can be done independently with little help from adults.

How long will the school be closed?

As of right now, we are closed through March 31st. This can change and I will share information as I get it.

We WILL have food service!

If you ordered lunch or breakfast for your student, you can come between 10:30-12:30 to pick up food every day!

Many of you sent beautiful words of encouragement! Thank you YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED.
We are a family and WILL get through this!

Here is some important information

  • If you do not have internet or a device for your children, we will have them available for check out on Tuesday March 17th between the hours of 7:30-3:30pm. Our ipads our Sprint internet equipped.

  • We will provide students access to multiple age appropriate learning platforms at no cost to you.

  • Teachers will be available daily to assist with questions and student learning. We are in the process of planning.
  • Students are responsible for all work assigned and grades will be updated frequently.

Links to resources for families:

World Health Organization: Updated regularly with news from around the globe.

Center for Disease Control: Updated regularly with news.

LA County Public Health Updated regularly with news specific to LA County

Healthy Children: Talking to Children about Virus Talking to Children about the Virus

CDC Cleaning- disenfection

Links to various learning platforms

This information will be added soon!

Prayer - Requests

Please send prayer requests to! We will share them here weekly, so that we can pray as a school community for your intentions. Please pray for :

All SFR families

SFR School and Parish Staff

Geraldo Olague and Family

All College Students


Please pray for Juliana, Raphy and Mykelle's grandfather and family. He's diagnosed with kidney cancer. Please pray for his healing, acceptance, conversion of heart in preparation for God's will.

Prayers for the Rubio family and grandpa Fili

Sharlene Silva and family for the sudden loss of her husband

All those affected by COVID-19 including closures etc.

Send your prayer requests!