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Lesson Plans

I saw some amazing learning going on this week! Much of it happened because of good planning, some of it happened in the moment when staff took the opportunity to use learning moments. Each have value. Thank you!

To help our ESP staff become more familiar with what is being taught, teachers may want to consider sharing their lesson plans with the ESP staff that work directly in their rooms. You could cc them when you send me your plans.

Ed Plan Updates

Case Managers - please make sure that you have updated all IEPs in Ed Plan to reflect current case managers/ team members. You need to make sure that staff working with your students are familiar with the IEP, especially the ESP staff working with the students.

Food and Drink

We should be limiting the food in the classrooms.

If you have food in your classroom please ensure that it is in a plastic container so our furry friends do not seek it out.

The trash gets emptied in the evening on A side and in the morning on C side before staff arrive. If you have something edible and desirable in the trash, you may want to remove it at the end of the day; put your trash in the large can by the drinking fountain.

If you spill something in the hall please either clean it up or call for the engineering staff to clean it up - I happened upon 2 large liquid spills this week that could have resulted in someone getting injured.

Lunch Time

We need case managers to keep their students in advisory until they are called down for lunch. Please remind students that when they are at lunch they need to be reminded to stay downstairs until their lunch period is over.


Arrival at School- Please make sure you are to school at your assigned start time. If you are not going to be at school on time you need to notify Jason and the school secretary so we can plan accordingly.

Emails- If you receive an email please be respectful and timely with your response, especially to those professionals that work at multiple sites as they are trying to coordinate and juggle multiple students at multiple sites.

ED Plan- Please make sure you have updated any information on Ed Plan that needs to be updates i.e. case manager, service providers, etc.

Social Memos

Social Memos are a way to share expected behaviors to students in a memo format. Here is the smoking policy I would like you to share with students as we still have students smoking in front of a house and causing issues for a community member.

Scan Lab

SCAN LAB needs photos, negatives or slides for work. We have more students this year so we need more work.

We ask for a suggested donation of 5 cents per scan. Images are burned onto a CD/DVD depending on size of job.

We can take work from outside the building, family members, neighbors, any one you know who may want to preserve precious memories. Click Here for the Order Form


PAES LAB is missing 3 chairs, if you happened to obtain a chair from there or the hallway near it, please return to C182. One is a stationary chair with arms and pinkish colored fabric, two chairs had wheels-one black and one navy blue with little dots on it.
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