LAF Newsletter

October 7th

A Message from the Nurse - Sally Kelly

It’s that time of year again when parents and children across the country are preparing to go back to school. I would like to help you with your preparations by offering these simple safety tips.

Riding Your Bike to School

  • Make sure your child always wears a bicycle helmet! Failure to wear one could result in a traffic citation. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, helmets reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent.

  • Obey the rules of the road; the rules are the same for all vehicles, including bicycles.

  • Always stay on the right-hand side of the road and ride in the same direction as traffic.

  • Be sure your child know and uses all of the appropriate hand signals.

  • Choose the safest route between home and school and practice it with children until they can demonstrate traffic safety awareness.

  • If possible, try to ride with someone else. There is safety in numbers.

Walking to School

  • Leave early enough to arrive at school at least 10 minutes prior to the start of school.

  • Use the same route every day and never use shortcuts.

  • Go straight home after school. Do not go anywhere else without permission.

  • Always use public sidewalks and streets when walking to school.

  • Demonstrate traffic safety awareness and pick the safest route between your home and the school and practice walking it with your children.

  • Try and walk to school with other students. There is strength in numbers.

  • Teach your children to recognize and obey traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.

  • Only cross streets at designated crosswalks, street corners and traffic controlled intersections.

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street and never enter streets from between obstacles like parked cars, shrubbery, signs, etc.

  • Always walk and never run across intersections.

  • Avoid talking to strangers. Teach your children to get distance between themselves and anyone who tries to approach or make contact with them.

  • If a stranger does approach your child, make sure they know to immediately report the incident to you or a teacher.

  • Teach your children to never get into a vehicle with anyone, even if they know them, without your permission.

School Bus Safety

  • Make habit of arriving at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.

  • Make sure your child stays out of the street and avoids excessive horseplay while waiting for the school bus.

  • Be sure the bus comes to a complete stop before getting on or off.

  • When riding the bus, make sure your child understands they must remain seated and keep their head and arms inside the bus at all times.

  • Do not shout or distract the driver.

  • Do not walk in the driver’s “blind spot” — this is the area from the front of the bus to about 10 feet in front of the bus.