The Great Panther

Myrna Holman 8

One day, Brando the panther was guarding the jungle. He faithfully watched over the animals. At the sight of trouble he came to the rescue, and because of this he had very little time to gather food. To any creature who donated food, he would grant one wish. Brando once received a generous donation from Ala the chimpanzee. The chimp's wish was a more comfortable nest. Brando quickly granted this wish. Ala went home and his friends asked why he didn't get comfy nests for them also. So the next day, he went back and asked Brando to grant this wish. Brando reluctantly granted this wish. Ala went home and was going to eat lunch, when his neighbors began to complain. They, too, wanted comfy nests and perches. Ala went and asked Brando. Anger, Brando said,
" you ungrateful chimp. Go, and be gone with you!"
Ala returned home to his old nest and lived the rest of his days muttering,
"I'm a lowly and ungrateful chimp."
He realized that if he only needed be thankful for what he has.
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