Top Ten Things You Should Know...

...But Don't

About the Lewis and Clark Expedition and It's Explorers

By: Abigail De Lazzari-Stacey Period 1

#10: They Took Whiskey With Them.

#9: Whenever they ran into new things, like rivers and lakes, they named them after members of the expedition and/or after what happened there or what it looks like.

#8: After the expedition, Clark moved to St. Louis and also married successfully. He became General of Militia and Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

#7: Lewis had a dog named Seaman and he took him on the expedition. He could've been food but he was spared.

#6: Clark was actually older than Lewis.

#5: Lewis was the only other person who lived in the White House besides Thomas Jefferson, the president at the time. They were close friends.

#4: Sacagawea was married and her husband was Toussaint Charbonneau.

#3: After the expedition Lewis became Governor of Louisiana but he was not fit for the job. He drank heavily and took drugs.

#2: Sacagawea was only 14 years old when she met the men and also became pregnant. She carried her infant during the expedition.

#1: Lewis was depressed at times and eventually committed suicide.