Digital Storytelling Ideas

Apps and Sites

Great Apps already on your iPads

Sock Puppets

This is a great app that is already on the K-1 iPads. This app allows the user to choose two sock puppets as their characters and then record their own voices to make the sock puppets have a conversation. Easy and fun!
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Sock Puppet App- Digital StoryTelling

Toontastic and Toontastic Jr.

Both of these apps are already on the ipads for K-2 students. Students can choose a setting, characters, and props. They can then record their voices and move the characters around the screen while telling their story. When finished they can play it for their friends!
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Making Friends--Digital Storytelling

Great sites for Chromebooks

Story Board That is a free site that allows students to create comic strips. Students can choose the background, characters, and add word bubbles. It's very easy for students to use and would be great for 3-5 students. Students can use the site without signing in or they can sign in with their Google Accounts.

*The free version only allows for 3 boxes.

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PowToon for Education

Fun site to use as a teacher to create a catchy video or hook for a lesson. Students can also create their own stories using Powtoon but they must use the Powtoon education version.

5 Ways to Use Powtoon in the Classroom

My Story Maker

This site is great for kids who feel frustrated during creative writing assignments. It's a fun way to tell their story. It allows the user to choose characters and then walks them through multiple choice questions to help them write their story. Would be great for 3-5.

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