The North And South Times

Wednesday January 23, 1807

The Steam Boat

In the mist of the morning a new transportation beast arises,the fastest transportation spectacle of the time. Its called, the steam boat. For centuries man has always been looking for better, faster ways to travel, and finally it has come.

In 1807 in the New York harbor he successfully made a steam powered boat. It is called the Clearmont and it is the worlds first steam built boat.

The Beast itself.

The steamboat according to Robert is "A large step in transportation innovation." That will be for the people of america to decide. The problem with the new Steamboat is it has a steam engine which makes it highly dangerous and explosive. But on the better side it can go much faster than a canoe or raft going up the Mississippi. From her previous maiden voyage it took about 6 hours to make the entire length of Mississippi. This will be a great thing for the American people.