Ms. Lee's Classroom News

September 16, 2016

Take Note...

Mid Quarter Reports are coming home today. Please note that Reading, English, and Writing are all under the category of LANGUAGE this year. Please sign and return only the top sheet. Thanks!

Look for your child's Friday Journal tonight/this weekend. They were soooooo excited to show me your letters! (I usually don't read these because I feel they are personal! I will help them read the letter if they are in cursive.) Some students did not finish writing their letter today because of poor use of time.

SCIENCE PROJECT... Your child is bringing home a note about musical instruments that we will be making in class next week. This correlates with our sound unit. Please DO NOT go to the store and buy things for this project!


READING/WRITING: I CAN retell a story including the beginning, middle, and end.

I CAN write a narrative including a beginning, middle, and end. (This will be continued next week.)

SPELLING/LANGUAGE: I CAN differentiate between long i and short i words. I CAN determine if a sentence is a complete sentence (capital letter, subject part, predicate part, ending punctuation).

SCIENCE: I CAN express how sound waves travel, reach my ear, cause parts inside my ear to vibrate, and how the nerve sends a message to my brain.

MATH: I CAN show how to tell if a number is even or odd. I CAN compare two numbers to the hundreds place.


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