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Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that you do! Especially those things that are not in your job description. For staying late, working at home, encouraging the discouraged, working on the weekends, inspiring others when you are uninspired and being a champion for students! You are the real heros, the real MVPs, the real game-changers. Here's to the most noble profession in the world--the one without which, none others would be possible...THANK YOU TEACHERS!!! #ThankaTeacher #ThanksTeamGCS
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It's Official!

The Lenovo Yoga IIe laptop devices have officially been approved by the GCS Board of Ed. Click the links below for news stories regarding the devices.

When will teachers receive their devices? Early June! Stay tuned for additional info regarding training options for the devices and official pick up dates.

Interesting Read: "The Mind of a Middle Schooler"

Check out the graphic and link the article for more details about the ever-changing and highly moldable minds of middle schoolers.
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Interactive Review Resources

Quizlet get Kahooty

From the Quizlet Blog site: Teachers--are you looking for a fun, engaging game for your classroom where students can learn from each other? That’s why we built Quizlet Live. It’s designed to bring fresh energy into classroom. Teams of students work together, racing to learn the material in a Quizlet study set. Correct answers move teams ahead, but wrong answers send teams back to zero. In order to win, students need to communicate with each other to make sure they pick correctly. Read more here:

See the 101 tutorial below!

Quizlet Live 101


He Named Me Malala -- FREE DVD!

Many of your are familiar with the story of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist fighting for female education rights. Her documentary, (about the events leading up to the Taliban's direct attack on her), titled "He Named Me Malala" is available for classrooms -- for FREE along with curriculum! Use the link below to sign up for your free DVD and education license. #withMalala

He Named Me Malala Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Documentary HD

Tablet Collection is quickly approaching...are you ready?!