John Wilkes Booth

Teiona, Nyasia, Karla

"John Wilkes Booth awoke depressed...all he knew this morning when he crawled out of bed was that he could not stand another day of union victory celebrations." (P.9)

This quote from the book is direct and in-direct because says directly that he was depressed but it is direct too because it has an action that he did that also shows he is depressed.

" Handsome and appealing, he was instantly recognizable... His physical beauty astonished all who saw him."( Pg 10)

This quote is indirect because it talks about his looks. It shows that he was vibrant and full of life.

"Booth knew the layout of Fords intimately: the exact spot on tenth street where Lincoln would step out of his carriage,the box inside the theatre where the president sat when he came to a performance.."(Pg 11)

This is indirect because in the book it doesn't directly tell you, you have to think it through in your head.He is obsessive in his thoughts because he never says it out loud but he always thinks about killing Lincoln

"First shot would be his last .if he missed,he wouldn't have time to reload... Booth was a thrill seeker ,so perhaps he wanted to increase his excitement by risking the use of a one-shot pistol. (Pg20)

The quote from the text is in-direct it doesn't say that John Wilkes booth was very obsessive in the book but you can tell by his thoughts that he was obsessive

my prediction

Based on our analysis we think that john Wilkes booth might hide out somewhere and will be had to find since the police are going to be looking for him. We also think that he will eventually be found and he will get arrested .We also predict that john Wilkes booth might try to kill himself so he doesn't get caught for killing the president because of his thoughts of depression .