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March 2016

Want a Cool Looking Newsletter Try Smore

Ever wanted a cool looking Newsletter that is quick and easy to make? Smore is an easy way to start. You can share it on your website or embed it on your Blogger page. It is fun and easy way to connect with parents digitally.

YouTube, Now What?

Did you know that YouTube is open for students at several sites in FSUSD? With YouTube you can...

  • Hook your students into a lesson
  • Bring real-world context for lessons
  • Help provide cultural relevance for your students.

  • Provide remediation for concepts not yet mastered.

  • Provide alternative viewpoints.

  • Provide visual context (chemical reactions, primary source videos).

  • Review previously taught content.

There are a few requirement that must be met before having this opened at your site ask your sites Ed Tech Specialist for more information on this.

Changing the Language Settings on a Chromebook for EL Students

Did you know that you can change the language setting on any Chromebook? By changing the language students can do research in their own native language by changing the setting on the Chromebook. I was in a middle school classroom with a student who only spoke Spanish and once she was able to read everything in Spanish, she was able to participate with the activity that the teacher had assigned via Google Classroom. You also have features that allow students to switch between languages on your keyboard, for those students in the Dual Immersion Program that need to write in Spanish and use accents, this is a useful tool.

Ed Tech Specialist

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