The Saint's Newsletter

Saint Paul: Advice

Saint Paul: Advice

This section of "The Saint's Newsletter" is written by Saint Paul himself. All questions are sent in by people like you! Don't be afraid to send in your own questions for Saint Paul to possibly answer in "The Saint's Newsletter."

I have recently converted to a Christian! When I see my sister, she always asks why Christianity is better than the religion we were raised to be. I never really have a real answer! This question is mainly for my sister, but I would also kind of like to know what to answer to others who ask. What is the advantage of becoming a Christian? -Why Girl

Dear Why Girl,

It is amazing that you have converted to Christianity! Welcome to Christianity! When you become a Christian, you get the ability to pray to the one true God. You are taught to understand Jesus, and why he did what he did. The answer to your question can vary, so you not knowing the answer is perfectly fine! I think that along with my answer, you should consider you own answer. Take some time and think about it. Why did you want to convert? What were the advantages that made you want to convert?

-Saint Paul

My parents raised me and my two brothers to be Gentiles, but I want to convert them to become Christians! I hate that they persecute people just because they have a different belief! How do I convince my family to become Christians? -Persecution No More

Dear Persecution No More,

I think you should tell your family what you love most about Christianity. Ask them why they are killing the Christians. If they just give you a plain answer like, "They don't believe in the right thing." dig into it more. If that is their only reason, give them more reasons why they should stop the persecution.

-Saint Paul

I am not a Christian, but I have always wondered something about them. Do Christians have anything against Gentiles or other religions? -Against?

Dear Against?,

Most Christians do not have anything against other religions, or at least they should not. As a fellow Christian, I do not have anything against other religions. Most Christians try to keep peace when confronting another religion about something they dislike.

-Saint Paul

What is the purpose of being Baptized/the purpose of Baptism? Are there any qualifications for being Baptized? If so, what are they? Thank you in advance! -Questioning Baptism

Dear Questioning Baptism,

The purpose of being Baptized is to be initiated into the religion, and to be freed from Original Sin. There are no qualifications to become Baptized, because everyone is allowed to join the religion of Christianity.

-Saint Paul

I am always hearing about Jesus, and his miracles. There is one thing about him that I have never understood, so I have decided to write to you about my questioning! If Jesus was the Son of God, and he could preform miracles, why didn't he take himself off his cross? -No More Miracles

Dear No More Miracles,

Jesus let himself die on the cross to open the gates of heaven for future Christianity generations.

-Saint Paul

I am ready to become a Christian, but I still have a few questions with no answer! What are the qualifications of becoming a Christians, if there is any? -Qualification Questioner

Dear Qualification Questioner,

To become a Christian, you have to be willing to follow the 10 Commandments. If you do not know what the 10 Commandments are, they are 10 rules that were given to Moses by God on tablets. If you scroll down the page, I will put the 10 Commandments on this page.

-Saint Paul

What are some of the most important "rules" of Christianity? -Ruler

Dear Ruler,

The most important rules of Christianity are called the 10 Commandments. Below this, I will post them.

-Saint Paul

The 10 Commandments!

1. Thou shalt not have no other Gods before me

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain

4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy

5. Honor thy Father and thy Mother

6. Thou shalt not kill

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery

8. Thou shalt not steal

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

10. Thou shalt not covet