Language Arts Journals

Jiwoo Kim

smores 1 Media Literate Paragraph

There are many different definitions of being a media literate. It can be focusing on social media, the change of media over time, or famous people who had impact of society. For me I think it is a combination of all three. I believe media literacy focuses on how social media has impacted our everyday lives, how much it has changed over time, and how famous/important people have made their stamp on society.

Media literacy shows us how much social media has really affected our lives for better and for worse. Things like snap chat or instagram have both positive and negative influences on our lives and that is what media literacy are for, to show us the bad and good things about social media.

Media has changed drastically over the years and its only getting better and better over such a small amount of time. Just 20 years earlier we were just getting Internet and Wi-Fi. Media Literacy shows us how social standards have changed over time and how society is changing also.

Lastly, Media Literacy also emphasizes how famous/important people over time have left their mark on society. So many celebrities and politicians have shown a certain interest in society and media literacy shows us how these interests have shown in our society today.

Over all being a media literate is knowing about how social media has affected our society, how it has changed over time, and how famous people have impacted our everyday decisions. Social media is everywhere and thousands of people are constantly keeping up with the latest trends, slang, and fads, so these things have huge affects on our society.

Smores 2 Social Media Challenge

Social Media plays a big role in everyone’s life. It has become so important to us that we constantly look at our phones, computers, or any social media device to keep us updated on the latest news, events, friends, families, and much more. I personally constantly look at my phone on social media because it is very interesting and lets me talk to other friends or look at Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. Social media has grown significantly over the years with many social media website or application that take most of our time away because we have grown into it. We are so very used to it that we almost take it for granted in our everyday life. The down side of social media on someone’s personal life is it keeps them occupied so much that it prevents us from doing anything active, not physically talking to other friends or families, and takes away our precious time. If social media was taken away from us, it will greatly impact everyone. Not only does it have positive or negative impacts, technology leans towards social media more, making ways to keep everyone up to date with the latest details, different ways to contact people you know, and make it suitable for everyone. For me, I was not able to succeed the social media challenge because social media impacts my life and it is very interesting to me to see what is going on in the world. I am constantly on applications like Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat because it’s fun and lets me see what others are doing during their time. Social media will continue to get bigger and better as the years progress and it’s only the beginning to a great start.

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Smores 3 Gender in Advertising

Advertising is what companies want to grab our attention and buy their product, but it can very deceiving. I personally thought advertising means nothing and they only do it to sell their product, but it hides many meaning to stereotypes, gender, physical appearance, and also society. We all don’t pay close attention to this because it just may be a thirty or up to a minute long video advertisement or even a simple picture but we don’t know the actual message behind it. Women who are presented in company’s advertisement holds a lot of meaning. They take advantage of women by showing their beauty and physiques but in a very unadulterated way. Advertisement will often display them as sexual exhibitions and they will take advantage of their sexuality and bodies that will sell many men products. For men advertisement, they are often displayed as classy, clean, smart, and fully clothed. Men and women advertising is very different from each other and have their own ways to take advantage of them to help extend the chance of selling their products. Not only has companies take advantage of advertisement, but also media messages is contributed. Some women or men are likely to go through low self-esteem, body image issues, cosmetic surgery, compulsive exercise, and much more. Personally, I didn’t really care about advertisement, but the more I learn and know more about it, I understand and pay more attention to the company’s techniques on how they advertisement their products using men and women as their advantage. I believe it is inhumane and not truly showing us what really is going on and how they are being displayed on and off camera. It is not as simple as it looks, but people should pay more attention to this as advertisement can be deceiving to everyone.

Smore 4 Fact Checking

On February 23, photographs were taken showing Donald Trump supporters wearing KKK robes outsideof Cimarron High School during the Nevada Caucus (Snopes). Although these KKK membors or supporters for Trump, they gave no real ideas of their motivations. This photo shows what kind of supporters Trump is supporting with and could set up a bad reputation with him and his other fellow supporters (Evon). Rasicm, hate, and bigotry is unacceptable in our nation and are highly agaisnt racial movements. This sets an bad example of how our nation will become if we continue to encourange Trump even from membors of the KKK. The United States is intolerable agaisnt terrorists movements and it will question the presidential campaign if Trump were to win.

"Did Donald Trump Supporters Wear KKK Robes to the Nevada Caucus?" Snopes. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2016.

Smore 5

Iranian Revolution
The government was very powerful because they had money, power, and experience that greatly thrived throughout the years. The monarchy was then overthrown by Iranian rebels led by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and replaced the Islamic Republic by Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran had no reason for a revolution but they decided for Islam to help the country. The people were inspired to act this way because the country was accepting more westernized beliefs because of the Shah. The people believed they were controlling them to practice americam beliefs. By then, the government was overthrown by the people that inspired them to practice their own beliefs for the country. The techniques they used to gain support for the movement is spreading the word and increasing the number of supporters. they used non violent acts, boycotts, and strikes to bring down the monarchy government. Also, Ayatollah used to gain followers by audio cassette tapes to get the people inspired and involved in this movement.

Smore 6

I think that O'Brian is a villain because he did torture Winston and Julia by using the parties power against them. In the book, O'Brian was testing Winston on how far he will go to stop the parties doings, but he knew well enough that he wasn't gonna let Winston do that. O'Brian is very smart, he tries to erase memories of any sort that the party dislikes and O'Brian was given the power to use any sort of torture to make them obey and follow the rules of the party.

Smore 7 Reflection

While taking this class this semester, I have learned alot about media literacy but yet i still feel the same way about it. The class itself was very straight foward, whether you do the work or not. It is not hard nor easy. The smores are very easy to work with and I had no problems writing reflections. The CNN was very interesting and the quizzes are fair. The class was fairly easy in general. Although there is alot of classwork, as long you do the work, you will get the grade you deserve. The one thing I liked about the class is that we used the computers alot. I really dont like writing with paper and pencil, but the computers were used alot in this class. One thing i dont like is the precis. They are really hard to work with and i am not good at it. Overall, i really enjoyed this class and it really helped me in the long run.

Smores 8

In Prince Ea's message in "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity", he explains how social media and technology is a drug to the people in the society. We are constantly on out phones and we don't spend time outside doing other activities or spend time with our friends and family face to face. In our society today, social media is only getting better through apps, other devices that connects other people in the world, and it also involves around technological advancement. It is an addiction in the world today, but it can be controlled. It may be difficult for many people, but as long we reduce the times we spend times on our phones, then it will greatly create a difference and it will be beneficial for them too. We must be aware of the severity of these advancements as it is just the beginning to something we may not be able to control in the future, but if we practice now, we can prevent and control the addiction