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College of Marin- Automotive Industry Program Tour

by Johny Reyes Rosales

On December 12th, Mr.Smith, Johny Rosales, Alex Pelayo, and Jack Owens took a trip to College of Marin to take a look at the Automotive Industry program. At the Indian Valley Campus in nearby Novato, they have their own booth to learn how to paint cars. They have a classroom to rebuild engines,they also have many tools to learn how to weld and to bend metals.They also have some very expensive lifts, as well as a room dedicated to just electronics on a car. Students were very interested in this program because it is hands on and also some classroom time talking about various sections. The instructor was generous enough to show them the different shops for the automotive industry. The campus was very nice. They have their own swimming pool and a personal farm where they grow different fruit and vegetables. The students appreciated the opportunity to see all the tools, lifts, engines, cars.

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Gingerbread House Showcase

by Jack Finley

On the 13th of December, San Antonio competed in the annual gingerbread competition at Hotel Petaluma. The team was composed of Gemma Villa Ledezma, Michelle Oliva, Darlene Machuca, Samantha Avila, and Anna Damian. They were given a week to complete the house. They started designing the house on Friday, December 6th when Mrs. Morilla introduced the project and helped them brainstorm. They agreed on a rainbow colored theme. On Monday, they met at lunch to begin making the dough; then Mrs. McGarry took the dough home to roll out and bake. Tuesday, the walls and roof were decorated. Wednesday, the base was decorated and assembled. On Thursday, the final touches were added and the house was delivered to Hotel Petaluma. Although the team didn’t place, their goal was achieved; they had fun, learned how to work as an effective team, and exercised their creativity.

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Spanish Credit by Exam

by Mrs. Burroughs

On November 12, Guerson Torres took the Santa Rosa JC Spanish 1 Credit by Exam. The Credit by Exam is comprehensive test equivalent to one semester of Spanish 1 at college level. Students may earn of 4 units of UC & CSU transferable credits for the Spanish 1 course to fulfill degree requirements to transfer and/or for an AA degree by successfully completing the comprehensive test. Guerson passed the test with a B, and besides earning college credits, he earned 13.3 credits in SAHS, saving the equivalent to one grading period. Guerson's dedication in the preparation for this test should be commended. Besides having graduation in mind, Guerson is setting goals to continue with his education at the JC.

Art Corner

by Bryan Tinoco

During the third grading period, the Art II class started a project with abstract art. They began with learning about artists like Jackson Pollock and taking notes. After this they got paper and tape. The students put the tape on the paper making shapes that they saw. When all was done, color was used by using a pallet knife to create smooth texture. Many colors were layered on the paper creating a thick texture where they can’t see the paper. After the student has layered all the colors that they wanted they took off the tape and put colors that they desired. After this step is done, other techniques were used to make abstract art. Students could flick the brush where they make droplets of a color on the painting. Dripping is where students drip the color on the painting creating a drip texture on the painting. Or they used a brush to create a different texture from the rest. All of these combined create a unique painting that makes “movement” around the painting moving eyes like giving a tour around the artwork. The student then got a canvas to show how they improved on from the last one. They did all the steps from the last one but they had to make a different one. All of this was a great way to show students that not being careful can create great pieces of artwork. Precision is not needed in this project as it’s about imagination and how the student wants to lead this abstract art.