Leon Foucalt

Father of the Pendulum

Who Is Leon?

Leon Foucalt was French physicist. He was born September 18, 1819 in Paris. He died February 11, 1868. He invented the famous Pendulum that shows how Earth spins. Before turning to Physics, Foucalt studied medicine but the sight of blood drew him away.

What Is The Pendelum?

  • A pendulum with a long wire; can swing in any direction; the change in the swing plane demonstrates the earth's rotation.
  • It was the first satisfactory demonstration of the Earth's rotation using a laboratory apparatus and astronomical observations.
  • Created in 1851

Fun Facts

  • The second pendulum made by Foucalt is more famous than the first
  • Not only did Leon notice the movement of earth but helped understand the speed of light.
  • The reason behind his death is still unknown.
  • They say he died of Multiple Sclerosis
  • His name is written on the Eiffel Tower, has an asteroid named after him, and is still honored today for his achievements.