Forgive and forget

Devin Kestel

Forgive and Forget

My theme is forgive and forget. and my dad helps me with this theme because he tells me when to stop being angry at something or someone
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Kevin Kestel (Dad)


My friend caden is also an influence because he also tells me its not healthy to hold a grudge on somebody
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Julie (mom)

My mom tells me all the time that holding grudges on people is very unhealthy and it is bad for your heart to keep hating someone because all throughout my life shes told me not to have hate in my heart.


The setting for my story is mostly at home but its also wherever i go with my family.

The time was from when i was about 8 to now

Plot Events

I can remember when somebody called me a name when i was real young and i told my parents i was never going to forgive him. My parents said i shouldn't hold a grudge. Another event was when somebody cheap shotted my friend in the throat, later on they became friends but i hated the person still, and that friend told me not to hold a grudge. Another event was when somebody talked trash about my parents and my parents told me to ignore him, and not to hold a grudge