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Third Grade Newsletter : Second Quarter : 2016-2017

The Ideal Math Lesson VS The Reading Workshop Model

The Ideal Math Lesson has four main components:

- Engage/Explore, where the teacher guides the students through a discovery of the lesson,
- Explain/Elaborate, where students complete their formative assessment,
- Differentiation based on the assessment, which can consist of centers or stations, and
- Evaluate, where the lesson is summed up and reflected upon.

The Workshop Model, as used in Reading and Writing, differs from this model. For more about the comparison between the two different models, please click here.
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Assign Focus

Assign Focus is a perfect start for Tier 1 intervention. Click the link to watch a quick video on how to get the most out of the Assign Focus feature. Video

Farewell CUBES!

CLICK HERE to learn why key words, mnemonics and other math tricks hinder conceptual understanding.

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"Most educators believe all children should learn number facts; however, they also believe that children should learn and understand much more math. Just memorizing the facts is no longer enough. In fact, it never was." Dr. Alex Lawson delves into the importance of developing deeper understandings of math in What Works? Research into Practice "The Mathematical Territory Between Direct Modeling and Proficiency". Read on!

Great Center Idea

Dominoes: I Have More

Numerous versions for all levels....

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