Tiffany Standerwick

Blessed Life

Future Plans

After high school, I plan on attending Emporia State University for at least one to two years. I have a few general education courses to complete before moving on to my degree. Then, I plan on studying Health Promotion at Emporia State University or Dietetics at Kansas State University. During that time, I hope to find and marry my future husband. When I graduate with my Bachelor's degree, I will either go to graduate school or find a job in my field of study. Lord willing, I will work for a few years doing corporate wellness or as a registered dietician. After a few years of working, I plan on starting a family and staying home with the kids. Once they are in elementary school, I might return to work part-time.


Several hobbies I enjoy participating in are cooking/baking, running/working out, and crocheting. I love making dinner for my family and baking cookies for friends and family. My favorite dinner to make is Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole, and my favorite cookies to bake are Andes Mint Chocolate Chip. Also, in my free time I enjoy running/working out with my friends. I recently started a running group with some friends from church. We meet regularly, usually on Saturdays, running through Camp Alexander or around town. Lastly, I enjoy crocheting; I recently learned from my mom how to make a crocheted rose, scarf, and leg warmers to wear under boots. At first, I was frustrated because I could not get the hang of it, but then after I practiced for a while I mastered it better. I am thankful for the ability to enjoy my multiple hobbies.

Favorite Sports Team

Since I was two or three years old, I have been a Kansas State University fan. I do not remember but am told whenever K-state had a game, my twin brother and I would watch with my dad and pretend like we were playing football together. Each Saturday, my family would have our own little K-state party. Now, I continue to watch or listen to every football game and some basketball games. I try to go to at least one home football game a year with friends or my family. In the future, I am excited to possibly attend Kansas State University.