Ancient Greece

The Oldest form of Professional Entertainment

Ancient Greek Theatre started around the 5th century B.C. Unlike today where we are able to see many different genres of theatre entertainment, the ancient Greeks had to settle with only two. These two genres were comedy and tragedy.

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Performance Settings

The performance of an ancient tragedy or comedy would take place in an amphitheatre. These were semicircular rings of seats or tiers that irradiated from the central stage and climbed horizontally up the face of the slope that the amphitheatre was set in. In large Amphitheatres, tiers can reach more than 100m across the slope. This would be in the larger cities tough. The circular amphitheatre allowed not just for a great view but also the best acoustics of its time.

Some of the Most Famous Amphitheatres

The Mystery Behind Greek Theatre

Now there is no record of when the travelling bard was predominantly replaced by stage theatre. Even the very introduction of comedy and tragedy into the lives of Ancient Greeks escaped the likes of Aristotle and the other great minds of the the Ancient times. To this day we are still discovering more about the fantastical world of ancient theatre as technology gets more advanced, but then too is the evidence of the past succumbing to the sands of time.

Robbie Zammit