Mr. McClain's SuperKinders

It's a bird...It's a plane......It's the Super Kinders!

We had another great couple of weeks in Mr. McClain's Class! The kids all worked hard and had fun!

We had a lot of fun on the playground just collaborating and creating new games together.

In Language Arts:

We continued working on becoming "writers." We started to talk about narratives and how they are stories we tell with our words. After we talked for a couple of days, we brainstormed ideas about a character we could all write a narrative about.

We incorporated some science with our writing!!

We started writing in our "4 Seasons of a Tree Journals." The kinders will be making 4 observations of the trees outside during the school year. We went outside and observed the "summer trees." They loved getting outside for some learning.

In Math:

We continued working with our number sense and being able to count and represent numbers in a variety of ways!

We got into small groups to collaborate and think flexibly to answer the questions "What number is in Mr. McClain's Pocket?"

Good Thinkers Think Flexibly...

The kinders did an awesome job of coming up with multiple ways to write their numbers!!