Golden Age Of Rome

Sanaa Tatum

Pax Romana

The Golden age of Rome from 50 A.D. to 200 A.D. is known as Pax Romana or “Roman Peace”

Roman Golden Age in Government, Law and Military


During this time the government notably had “5 Good Emperors” who kept peace and increased the power of Rome.

Roman Law

The Romans made great advances in law

Roman Law was found in the 12 Tablets, some of which stated:

All men were equal under the law

Those accused could face their accuser

Those accused were innocent until proven guilty

You could only be punished for actions, not thoughts

The 12 tablets

Roman Military

Rome's military had armored cavalry units, siege weapons and a well trained militia called the Roman Legion.

Roman Golden Age in Architecture

Romans were the leaders of construction using Arcs, Columns, domes and concrete.


Built as a Roman temple dedicated to the gods. The building displayed a mastery of architecture with massive arches and a huge dome.


Largest Amphitheater ever built in the Roman Empire, it held 50,000 spectators, It was used, mostly for gladiator games for 500 years.

Baths of Caracalla

Public bathing was an important part of Roman social life in the Golden Age, it was a place to relax and meet with friends.

Pic of baths of Caracalla

Roman Golden Age in Infrastructure


The romans built long straight roads totaling about 53,000 miles.


Aqueducts were constructed to bring in fresh water to the Roman cities, private homes and public baths.

Romans also developed indoor plumbing to take waste away from homes.

Pic of an aqueduct