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A newsletter for dairy producers - March 2016

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Prevention – The Result of Successful Vaccination Protocols

By Ryan Breuer, DVM, NW IA Dairy Specialist, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

There are many goals to vaccinating your herd. Purposes for vaccinations include:
  • Provide optimal immunity for disease prevention in individual animals and the herd.
  • Protect animals from imminent pathogen invasions and diseases present in the environment.
  • Administer to animals at highest risk of contracting a particular disease.


Every Dairy Needs an Employee Handbook

By Kim Clark, Nebraska Dairy Extension Educator

One of the most important resources a dairy can develop to enhance and grow employee communications and retain employees is an employee handbook. A handbook can be as simple as the job description, lists of benefits including paid time off, medical insurance, expectations of each employee and the employees hourly wage. Continue...

The Art of Handling Cattle Becomes a Life Lesson

By J.W. Schroder, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus

As a kid, I had a tendency to move faster (a lot faster) than I do now.

Whether in the field or cleaning the barn, the faster my brothers and I worked, the faster we could move onto something more interesting, such as hunting gophers or adventures yet to be discovered.

The concept here was the faster we worked, the more we would get done, at least until it came to handling cows. Continue...

Impacting the Perfect Harvest

By Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate

The Animal Care Wednesday Webinars kicked off another year on January 6th. This year’s theme is “Husbandry Practices in the Spotlight”. The first webinar focused on the well-being challenges that arise when livestock are taken from the farm for processing to a harvest facility of any size. Continue...

Calendar of Events

8 - Veterinary Feed Directives webinar at 10:00 am through Nebraska Extension. Connect at Connect.unl.edu/DairyTuesday. Sign in as a guest.
23 - 2016 Transition Cow Field Days hosted by ISU Extension; LeMars, IA
24 - 2016 Transition Cow Field Days hosted by ISU Extension; Cascade, IA & DyersVille, IA
29 - 2016 Transition Cow Field Days hosted by ISU Extension; Fort Atkinson, IA
30 - 2016 Transition Cow Field Days hosted by ISU Extension; Stacyville, IA
31 - 2016 Transition Cow Field Days hosted by ISU Extension; Dundee, IA & Elkader, IA
29 - I-29 Moo University: Dairy Beef Short Course; starting at Central Plains Dairy Expo; Cost is $25/person and includes lunch & transportation. Click here for more details and to register.
29-31 - Central Plains Dairy Expo; Sioux Falls, SD.
31-Replacement Cost Strategy to Maximize Profit; Sibley County Service Center, Gaylord, MN; 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

6- Show Animals - Challenges at the Packer. Animal Care Wednesday webinar; 10:30 am CST. Connect here.
11-13: 2016 Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Conference. Madison, WI.

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