Counselor Corner Weekly Update

October 12th- October 16th

Digital Citizenship!

This week, we are continuing our lessons on digital citizenship to help students understand and practice how to be safe and good citizens in our online communities! One of our first steps in doing this is letting students know that it is ok to take a break from technology!

Practice Digital Balancing!!

Every family is different on how they use, share, and expose their students to the technology realm. So we encourage everyone to do what is best for them

Digital Balance

Using media in a way that feels healthy and in balance with other life activities (family, friends, school, hobbies, etc.)

Kinder - 2nd Grade Lesson

K 2 Digital Balance

3rd - 5th Grade Lesson

3 5 Virtual Learning Media Balance Device Free Moments

What are some ways to help kids balance their time?

Want more resources on Digital Citizenship & Safety?

Check out to access a variety of research based information!