The milkly way


What is the Milky way

I bet you are wondering what galaxy we are in. We are in the Milky Way galaxy; that is our home. It also has a lot of clouds, dust, and gas. Also, we have over 200 billion stars you can see almost see all the Milky way stars out in a open field with no lights around.
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how they found it

The greeks were the one's who found the Milky way first.. Although there were other people that study it too, but the Greeks called it the milk circle because it looks like spilled milk in the sky Democritus was the first person that knew the milky way is made of stars.
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Are galaxy is made up of other galaxy's it is also very dusty in the Milky way. It's width it 10,000 light year, it's length is 100,000 light year.......... fun facts... The greek word for milk is galaxy also the Chinese thought the Milky way was a rive were thy go meat there true love
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Milky Way Time Lapse Video