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Delirium coming to theaters🎥

Come and watch this adventure of a Delirium. Love is treated as a disease and Lena is starting to have symptoms. Hannah her best friend know all about it. Alex, Lena's lover will do anything for her! Come and watch the movie for more.

Advice Column by Ann:Confused Girl

Dear Ann:

I think that I'm having signs of the infection. I think I love someone! I haven't had my precluded of course and now I don't want to have it!

(1. I've already had my first kiss to whom I love.

(2. He infected me yes I know! We've been spending a lot of time together and I love him.

3)Love isn't a disease I would die if u take him away from me

I don't know what to do anymore. I want to run away but I found something out. Someone related to me (her mom) is still alive!

Should I stay here or go live w/ my love.

From-Confused girl (Lena)

Dear Confused girl:

You have the symptoms of the disease and you should have you're operation as soon as possible. Tell you're guardian that you are having these symptoms! I'm sure she would help you more than that little boy that you're in "love" with. Don't go running off like you know everything now!



Today there was a raid at a house full of teens who were PARTYING to illegal music! We need to see what others are doing behind our backs! If teens are acting up then who knows who else is! Some escaped the raid but we have sent a search out to look for them! No one escapes.
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