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  • 📱 Setting Limits: Help Your Device Help You - Manage Time and Content
  • 🏠 Digital Discussions: What You Can Do To Get Started at Home.
  • 🌄 Unplugged: If Not Tech, Then What?

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Setting Limits

There are two main areas of concern for most parents when they think about monitoring technology, time and content. You can and should monitor both. The good news is that your phone is preprogrammed to help you out! While there is no perfect answer as to what, when, or how long - each child and family is different- setting limits on your device is the first step. It may take some trial and error but as the old saying goes, "it doesn't get easier, we just get better at it!"

Watch the following videos and get started today...


Get to know Screen Time for families on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support


📵 How to Set Up Parental Controls on a Child's Phone with Google Family Link 📱

Digital Discussions

As a Technology teacher, I am blessed to spend time with over 300 students a week in my classroom. We often spend our time learning to type and code, but we also learn how to be safe online. As a certified Common Sense Media Educator, it's important for me to take time each quarter for our Digital Discussions, a day set aside when we address age-appropriate online issues designed to help students navigate their lives as Digital Citizens.

In Kindergarten, for example, we talk about Pausing for People - turning off technology when they don't want to stop. In fourth grade, we chat about the difference between private and personal information, hint - liking pizza is personal information, my school name is private. In middle school, we discuss how to find credible news sources and ways to chat safely online.

They LOVE these discussions. It always surprises me how eager they are to listen and share. I often end up learning right along with them. I have come to believe that the success of these discussions stems from our mutual trust and our desire to take care of one another. They are amazing kids!

As a parent myself, I know I should also be having these types of discussions at home. It is my hope to use this space each month, highlighting some of the Key Topics I use at school so that we can use them as an entry point for our own Digital Discussions at home. We are all in this together...let's get going.

Future issues will include Common Sense Media Topics such as Media Balance & Well Being, Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech, and News & Media Literacy.

For Today: Ask yourself what can you do to bridge the digital divide in your home? Finding the right entry point can lay the groundwork for future Digital Discussions. Enjoy this TEDx talk about how mom Cara Kane got her kids talking about Technology. Try her idea and ask the kids in your life about their favorite games or online activities. Even better, sit and watch them play. If they are like my kids, they will be delighted.

Embracing Your Gamer Kid | Cara Lane | TEDxIdahoFalls
Unplugged - How to host a BOREDOM PARTY

Research shows that as enticing as our phones and devices are it is important to cultivate a life offline that both recognizes our need for downtime and teaches us how to enjoy it too!

Meet the Teacher: Christine Lemmon

  • K-8 Technology Teacher Specializing in Google,, and Common Sense Media.
  • Wife to one and mom to six, ages 7-24.
  • Passionate about technology, but equally passionate about helping individuals and families find an appropriate mix of content and time management to optimize their lives both online and off.
  • Determined to help students and parents become not just Digital Citizens, but Digital Leaders; not just Content Consumers, but Content Creators.
  • Teaching both Skill Sets and Demeanors that help students manage technology.
  • Providing practical tips for management at every level; app, device, network, and server.

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