Texas Assessment Updates

January 2016

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Participation Counts Due Monday, January 11th

CTC's have received information about an online form to report participation counts for Spring STAAR testing. Be sure to email Andrea Kissick when you have your counts complete.

STAAR Performance Standards Phase 2

As you probably already know, STAAR Performance standards will be moving to Phase 2 in the 2016 testing year. The education commissioner proposed a STAAR performance phase in system that would raise standards each year between now and the final recommended standard by smaller increments each year. This proposed phase in was filed with the Texas Register on December, 17, 2015, with an effective date of January 6, 2016. The link below will take you to lead4ward's chart of the New Standard Progression Phase-In for 2015-16.

Standard Progression Phase-In for 2015-16

Upcoming STAAR Trainings

District Administrators and Principals - Tuesday, March 1st during our weekly admin meeting.

Campus Testing Coordinators - Thursday, January 28 beginning at 8:30 am in Mrs. Kissick's meeting room.

Campus Technology Staff - Wednesday, February 3 beginning at 8:30 am at the Technology Center.

Campus STAAR General and Test Specific Administrator training dates will be set soon.

2016 District and Campus Coordinator Manual is posted online!

The 2016 DCCM is now posted on the TEA website. You can access by clicking the link below.

2016 DCCM

**Important update**

NOTE: Language in the2016 District and Campus Coordinator Manual stating that students are required to leave the testing room when they have completed their tests should instead read, "After students submit their tests online, or after their paper tests are collected, students may be allowed to quietly read books or leave the testing room." Replacement pages for the 2016 District and Campus Coordinator Manual will be made available online only and will be posted to the TEA website in January 2016.