They aren't as bad as people think they are

What the media says about the pitbulls

No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media. The media says that they are "dangerous to the public"

What they breed the pit bulls for

Pit bulls were breed to bite and hold bulls, bears, and other large animals around the face and head. These does are used for hunting.


Pitbulls have gone through a lot. They have a horrible reputation and they been mistreated a lot. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider recuing one of them from the shelter. Pit-bulls are still in the category of a man's best friend. They are intelligent, responsible and dedicated to their owners.

Why do pit bulls?

They attack their owners when they mistreat them, some people are only interested in these dogs for fighting and for there own personal protection. People only use pit bulls for their advantage.

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