WDE Library Newsletter

Fall 2012

1st Nine Weeks Update

The 1st Nine Weeks has come to an end. We have accomplished many things during the first nine weeks. Teaching students where to line up and how to manage having 2 check out stations was a major accomplishment! Book Fair was a success! I have placed my first book order and we will be receiving more e-books to access through Mackin Via soon!
We have had 7,588 books checked out during the 1st Nine Weeks! That is a lot of reading!


Election Day - we will be voting in the library on what pet we think is the best pet for the White House.

Veterans Day

Deadline to read 5 Bluebonnets (and pass the AR tests) is December 21!!! Language Arts Teachers will read Scarum Fair and Postcards from Camp to classes for 2 of the 5! 5 Bluebonnets earns a free ticket to the Bluebonnet breakfast in the library in January!