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Getting There

If you are out of the Country and your planning a trip to Israel, the easiest way is going by plane. The plane obliviously cost money, and If you continue reading I will post prices below. Once you get to Israel (lets say Tel Aviv) taking a tour around Israel is usually what you want to do so you can see all opportunities. You can rent a car to go on the tour. Getting there is pretty easy if you rent a car because you can go where you want.


Plane ticket-$2,672 for two people over 21 years of age.

Rent a Car so you can visit different locations-$112.12 for 6 days.

3,000-for food, clothes, gift shops, entrance fees to events.

$2,150 approximately give or take for hotels- Being that were traveling from city to city we will be moving hotels so this should cover the price for six days.

1,000-Extra in case we need anything else.

$1065.88-For donating to the poor, army and people in need.

Where to Stay

Being that I'm going to multiple cities different days, I'm going to have to change hotels for each city I stay at. I saved $2,150 for the hotels. I am going to wing it on what hotel I stay at because I'm going to stay at a hotel that is near the location and is nice.


Israel has many fun, enjoyable, biblical and historical land sites that I would love to see. They have many activities which include, the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Tel Aviv Beach, Mount Carmel, Mount Sinai, Masada, Western wall, Jordan River, Temple/Tabernacle/synagogue, Jerusalem, Samaria, Red Sea, Sinai Dessert, and many more sights. In the Bible there are many places described that are in Israel. After all Israel is where Jesus was born and is the Holy Land. Israel has many places where Jesus has walked, it even has the spot where he was crucified. If you are a sports person you have many opportunities to go sand surfing, water surfing, hot air balloons, windsurfing, kite surfing, skiing, rafting, camel rides, horse back riding, watersports and much more. Your have so much fun, your never want to leave.


A problem you need to be careful of is safety. Islam (Muslims) claim that Israel is their Holy land. (Jews) also claim that Israel is there Holy land. Due to this there is a lot of conflict in Israel. Some spots are safe and some are not. Lots of people are afraid of terrorist attacks by the Muslims. Conflict in some areas are bad and this could be a problem. A solution for this, is going to safe areas. For example Tel Aviv is a very safe, it is a big city and you would be safe there. Also having someone with you would be a good idea. In most countries you go to, they tell you to have shoulder purses to make sure nothing gets stolen. This is another tip to ensure safety in Israel.

History & Culture

Israel has a lot of history & Culture. To begin, Israel consists mostly of Jewish people. The common language spoken is Hebrew. A lot of Israel is known as the place Jesus walked this being said there are a lot of biblical places to visit. There are also trails and places Jesus was. If you read the Bible you will realize lots of familiar places in Israel. For example, the Red Sea, Sea of Galilee, Mount Sinai, Jordan Sea, etc. Some of the Culture in Israel is going to the Synagogue every Shabbat (Saturday) and resting as commanded in the fourth commandment which says, "remember my Sabbath and keep it holy" More Culture of Israel is they celebrate 7 main feast days. Also dance is a big part of Israel, they have Israel folk dancing, modern dance, flag dances, ballet, Hebraic dancing, all kinds of dance. If you see the dances, your feel like you are in heaven. This is another Cultural event they do.



Israel is a very nice place to stay, the water is beautiful as the morning blue sky, The land is a piece of Heaven and the people are as friendly as singing birds. Israel is a fantastic place to stay. I want to go to Israel because it is the Holy land. It is very biblical and in my church Simchat Torah Beit Midrash (STBM-house of joy, house of study) my Rabbi takes tours 2 times a year, and explains with biblical reverences the importance of Israel. If you visit you will find more information on my Church. This is why I want to go to Israel.

About the Traveler

Samantha Conti has traveled to many places but only in the U.S.A. She has never been out of the country and is a Colorado native. She wants to go to Israel with her Mom, and her congregation at her church. They take tours 2 times a year. Samantha loves to dance, and would love to be in Israel with the dance team (at her church) and Dance for God. She loves spending time with her Mom and friends.
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