Living a Better Life

How to Start the Change

When and Where And Why and How to Even Start?

Even the best of us can feel completely unmotivated at times. But its important to know that how far lost you are, that its not hopeless. By taking small steps, you can start leading your own path to a more positive lifestyle.

I Heard That Warmups are Useless?

We exercise to lose weight, build muscle, and feel better about ourselves, right? Well, it’s pretty tough to do any of those things lying on a couch with a pulled hamstring. All you need now is an idea on how to get started, and the best way to do that is to warm-up! In order to prepare your muscles for the work that is about to be done, you need to get them warmed up and ready. I suggest spending 5-7 minutes to get you r heart rate up. After completing this there are several things/stretches you can do. (lunges, hip extensions, sweeps, leg swings) and hold these for 5-10 seconds.

Core Excercise #1 - Russian Twist

Grab a medicine ball, dumbbell, or weight plate and sit on the floor with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Hold the weight straight out in front of you and keep your back straight. Explosively twist your torso as far as you can to the left, and then continue to do the same to the right. That's one rep, do 3 sets of 8-12 at the end of your workout.
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Core Excercise #2 - Side Balance Crunch

Begin with left knee and left hand on the floor, right arm straight up. Extend right leg so your body forms a straight line. Pull right knee toward torso and right elbow toward knee. Straighten arm and leg. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.
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Core Excercise #3 - Split Leg Arm Raises

Begin lying on your back with your arms and legs straight in the air. Lower your left arm back by your head and your right leg towards the floor simultaneously, until they hover just three inches from the ground. Return to the starting position. Your neck, shoulders and head should remain on the ground throughout.
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I Thought I Was Done...

Your not off the hook yet, you still have to do a proper cool down. A proper cool down also helps lower a raised heart rate down to resting heart rate safely. Further, it may also help you to simply unwind after an intense workout, easing the transition back to your normal level of activity. Stretching is a great way to do this!