Where is Middle Earth?



Have you ever wondered where the dwarves, elves, dragons, and hobbits came from? Or where is the legendary Lonely Mountain today? Middle Earth is in Germany, because of the the many land forms, animals which are found in both the country and Middle Earth, the mythology, and its history.

Physical Featuires

One reason I believe Middle Earth is in Germany because of the physical features there. Germany has a number of physical features including hilly regions, mountains, rivers, and forests. First, In the Black Forest Region and other hilly areas in Germany seems like the place the book started; green plains with sloping hills, a peaceful place (perfect for those who aren't looking for adventures). Also, Germany has the most forest land than any other country in Europe. Germany's Black forest represents Mirkwood. In the book, The Hobbit, in chapter 8, the book states that Mirkwood is a very, very dark forest with all sorts of animals and scary, giant insects living there. Also, in The Hobbit, in chapter 8, it says that it was so dark, that the entrance into the forest appeared to be a bright hole of light in the distance. In the image below (on the far right), this image of the Black Forest looks just like how the book described it. Another reason is because of all of the mountains in Germany. Germany has many mountain ranges, just like Middle Earth. The mountain in Germany which is like the Lonely Mountain is Grosser Beerburg. It is somewhat isolated, and its location is similar to the location of the Lonely Mountain in a map of Middle Earth. Lastly, the animals found in The Hobbit, are like animals found in Germany today. There are Arctic Foxes, Brown Bears, many breeds of horses, and lots of bats. In conclusion, the land features and animals seen in The Hobbit still found in Germany today.


Another reason why Middle Earth is in Germany is because of the mythology there. Britannica.com states that before Germans started to believe in Christianity, they beleived in Norse Mythology. Although they believed in gods, they also thought that there were giants, dwarves, and elves living among humans. In Norse Mythology and in The Hobbit, Dwarves were great crafts men, and made amazing creations out of gold. Also, the elves worked with humans in both Norse Mythology and in The Hobbit. All in all, Germany's Mythology is similar in ways to the characters in The Hobbit.


In Germany's early history, the country was not united. European countries and the Romans tried to unite Germany, but that didn't happen until 1648. The country was divided into hundreds of states, and even religion was divided. The lack of organization is similar to what Middle Earth might have been like. Middle Earth and Germany in their early histories had local rulers instead of one national leader. Germany was divided, just like beings in Middle Earth were divided (ex: Dwarve and Goblin War; the Wood Elves and the Dwarves' disagreement). Alliances were complex all throughout Germany's history, and Middle Earth's history. All in all, Middle Earth and Germany's histories have multiple similarities.


Some might beleive Middle Earth is in Russia. Russia has varied geological features, and a very vast history. But Germany's climate and land forms are more like how the book describes them to be. Russia all through its early history was ruled by and empire or a Czar. Germany on the other hand has been divided and pretty unorganized throughout its history. Different groups (goblins, dwarfs, elves, humans, hobbits, extra) have never accepted one King, just like Germany. Also, Russia has much more coastal land and less mountains than Germany and Middle Earth. Over all, there are many reasons as to why middle earth is in Germany AND NOT Russia.


In conclusion, Middle Earth is in Germany. This is because of the land features such as mountains, rivers, plains, and forest, also the animals are the same in both Middle Earth and Germany. Another reason is because their Norse Mythology has some of the same factors as the characters in The Hobbit. Lastly, the history in Germany can compare to the way Middle Earth is ruled and organized. Next time you see and image or hear a description of Germany or its culture, see how much is looks or sounds like the pleases and traditions of those living in Middle Earth.
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By: Lily Blumenthal