Haiku Deck

Simple Presentations

What is Haiku Deck?

An app for your iPad that allows you to create simple presentations where the focus is not about words on the screen. Haiku Deck allows for only a few lines of text, either a title and one headline or several bullet lines. You can add an image from their gallery or your own. Charts and graphs can also be added and edited as well.

What do I need?

Haiku Decks can only be created on an iPad, so you will need to download the app to your device. You will also benefit from having a Haiku Deck account to collect your presentations and allow for more access to your decks. Creating an account requires an email address, or you can log in using Facebook or Twitter.

How can I share the decks I create on Haiku Deck?

Once you have completed a presentation, select the share arrow. You can then title your presentation or change the title, determine the privacy setting for your deck, and select a category for it as well. Private means TOTALLY private, so if you want to share the link, select public or restricted. Once you hit publish, Haiku Deck saves it to the web and asks how you would like to share your final presentation: Facebook, Twitter, Email, in a blog, as a Power Point, or just to copy the URL.

If you select blog: it will email the code you need to embed the presentation.

If you select PowerPoint, it will email the deck so you can download and save.