Survey Overview

By: Aryanna williams

Survey Overview

My survey was intended to have the hand picked recipients to answer a survey on whether they preferred to shop or not and if they answered 'yes' a list of multiple questions followed ahead and I had a total of 11 out of 20 people respond to my survey.

How Much Money Do You Spend on Clothing Per Month?

The chart below showcases the various answers the participants in the survey chose....
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Which Store Do You Like To Shop At? Select All That Apply

In this second chart below it shows the participants opinions on what their most favored clothing store is out of the following stores...


-American Eagle





-VS Pink


-None of the Above

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What Is Your Most Preferred Article Of Clothing To Buy?

The last and most unique chart shows a written response from the viewers explaining their favorite article of clothing they look forward to buying at the stores.
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The top most favored questions and responses that got the most attention were, "Do you like to shop for yourself?" and 100 percent of the people had answered 'YES'. The other popular question and response was "How much money do you spend on clothing per month" and 63.6 percent answered 60-100, 27.3 percent answered 0-50 dollars, and then 9.1 percent answered 110-150 dollars... so we received a variety of responses on this optimal question.


Q -How can you improve your survey?

A- I can improve my survey by having better and more of a variety of questions such as maybe 20 questions instead of having just 9 to contain better results on my graphs then what I ended up with in my graphs.

Q-What additional questions might you add?

A- Some questions that I might add to my survey are "how much do you spend on clothes annually?""Do you prefer to go to the mall with your friends or with your parents?" and last but not least,"Would you suggest that stores should advertise with recyclable bags to help the environment instead of using plastic and hard plastic bags?"


My survey was about how much you would like to shop. My survey asked questions such as " How much money do you spend on clothing per month?" and " What is your favorite article of clothing?" During my survey a total of 11 people had responded back to my questions out of 29 people. Based upon my data I received back from the responses the most popular responses to two of the questions such as, "How much money do you spend on clothing per Month?" and the most popular response was '60-100' and the other question was " What was your favorite place to shop?" and the popular responses was 'Target and VS Pink'.